7 Essential Sales Strategy to Follow in 2020

Sales Strategy

Hey there people! So let’s suppose you are asked to give advice to a new salesman, what would you say? Yes, does this question get you into thinking as well? Thinking about it maybe you will tell him/her to give all the information regarding a product to the people and ask him to convince people in buying it. Right? Will you call it ethical? Don’t worry, don’t spend too much time stressing on your brain cells. We have got all of sales strategy covered. We are here with our list of sales strategy mentioning all the tips you can follow or tell as a piece of advice. So without any delay, dive in…

7 Essential Sales Strategy Follow in 2020

  • Tip 1 – Get Consultative

This is where your customers feel freer to get back to time and again. Consultative selling is all about giving all your customer’s input from your side about your products and services but never pressurizing them to get into action.

You must have at some point in your life gone through this phase. It is like when you go to a retail shop and ask for something and the seller gets on your head to buy it now. Yes, I know you have had experienced it! Me too! Well, people become obliged under this action to buy a product and then they fear investigating anything in life further. This is a wrong marketing practice. More than this it is ethical.

Thus consultative selling is about offering a value without a forcible measure to convert a customer’s action into buying. So now you are not under the obligation to buy it.

  • Tip 2 – Use Highly Effective Content/Collateral in Your Sales Process

What is Content/Collateral

While you are selling something, you should be good with the content. What does content mean here? It means trying to develop a rapport with the customers and provide them guide, product information, doing it all in a meaningful way. On the other hand, marketing collateral is a means to tell your customers that are you quite reputed and buying from you is safe and trustable. This is an amazing way to tell people that you are probably the best in the field and there is no harm in entering into a partnership with them.

  • Tip 3 – Understand Where to Use Inbound vs. Outbound

Sales Strategy

Right timing brings the best out of your marketing strategy. Yes, it is the combination of inbound and outbound marketing that brings wonders to your results. If you think that doing the best with one of them will give you higher results, then you are probably wrong. It is always advisable to use the combined effect of inbound and outbound marketing to get a better conversion rate, leads, and maximum traffic to your website. Not only this but know when to use where.

  • Tip 4 – Optimize Your Outbound Approach With Inbound

Yes, by now you must have understood how important both the terms are. In this tip, we are again going to talk about inbound and outbound marketing tip. This is not a one step at a time marketing strategy. But you must incorporate the efforts in inbound marketing and use it with an outbound marketing strategy. Yes, believe me, the combined effect of both leads to better leads and higher marketing prospects.

  • Tip 5 – Establish a Highly Effective Sales Process

This is just the right time to do away with the traditional approach of “sales pitch”. Yes, the world is advancing then why are you still in the old-school vibe? Establish a framework so that each member of your team understands the entire process of your sales. The method of reaching out to sales should be clear and streamlined and this is achievable through conversation that everyone understands. Find out the barriers from stage one and avoid piling up of mistakes and failures.

  • Tip 6 – Use Social Selling (EVEN in B2C)

Sales Strategy

Social selling is basically when you focus on your audience. This in no way means that you will be addressing a crowd at a time rather you involve in a one-to-one conversation with your customers. So, people, that calls on to no broadcasting of messages and emails. Why? This has proven to be more useful and effective for B2C business as well. It focuses on customers rather than just the number making sure you get to retain these customers for a long long time.

  • Tip 7 – Understand When to Go From MQL to SQL

Yes, people, MLQ leads to SLQ. When you figure out this particular set is qualified to go as a lead and only then you can start with the process of SLQ.

When the buying and selling processes align, everyone involved feels good about the value of the transaction and the relationship. Learn the 5 Signs a Marketing Qualified Lead is Ready to Be Sold.

Lead qualification criteria will provide you with the signs that a marketing qualified lead is ready to be sold. Get your sales and marketing teams on the same page to make sure that everyone is working to make the buyer’s journey as smooth and seamless as possible.


So now all the secrets sales strategy are all clear and in front of you. So now for doing things right you must know these essential tips to get through this mess easily, without making mistakes.

This was our comprehensive list of sales tips that you must follow to get higher sales. Through this blog, follow this amazing tips guide and be an expert in the marketing genre you are involved in.

Gear up folks!


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